CRUX™ Reservoir

Why upgrade to a new CamelBak® CRUX when our old reservoir will last forever? Because we never stop innovating. Our new CRUX reservoirs deliver 20% more water with every sip in a package loaded with the latest in hydration technology. Now, you can do even more of what you love. 
Crux Reservoir

How do you fix something that's not the least bit broken?


You've had 6 phones since you last upgraded your reservoir! Technology has changed. We want to make it easy for you to switch to CRUX. Simply take your old reservoir with you to any participating dealer listed below and they will help you recycle it for free! We've partnered with TerraCycle who will make sure zero waste ends up in a landfill. So visit a store today or shop online and we'll set you up with the latest and greatest reservoir technology on the market — CamelBak CRUX. We've Got Your Bak!
It's a lot more efficient when you're drinking out on the trail. You don't have to drink as long. You just take a quick sip and you're all hydrated up and ready to smash the next climb. 
Marco Osborne
Enduro World Series Rider